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Tennessee Dove Season Opens September 1st

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The 2013 Tennessee dove hunting season opens this Sunday, September 1st at noon.

Tennessee's 2013 season will again be divided into three segments: Sept. 1st through Sept. 26th, Oct. 12th through Oct. 27th , and Dec. 19th through Jan. 15th. Hunting times are a half-hour before sunrise until sunset except for opening day.

The daily bag limit is 15. There is no limit on collared dove. If claiming a collared dove in your bag, the head or one fully-feathered wing must remain attached to the carcass while in transport from the field to home. Doves not readily identified as collared doves will be considered to be mourning doves and will count toward the mourning dove daily bag limit.

No more than a daily bag limit may be in the hunter's possession on the dove field.

Each hunter needs to keep his or her doves separate from those of other hunters in the field.

If birds are placed in the possession of another hunter away from the field, the birds must be tagged with the name and address of the hunter who killed the birds, the hunter's signature, the total number of birds involved, and the date the birds were killed.

No person shall take migratory game birds by the aid of baiting, or on or over any baited area.

The hunter must have on his/her person a valid State hunting license and Tennessee Migratory Bird Permit at all times while hunting.

Any auto-loading or repeating shotgun must be incapable of holding more than three shells while dove hunting.

More information on Tennessee's dove season visit the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Website

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