Jody Sullins, Fitness Manager at The Rush in Hixson, says something has been happening in broad daylight about once a month. "It's basically 4 people breaking into these cars if they see something on the front seat," he explained.

The gym is in a business complex at Gadd Road and Highway 153. Sullins has seen how the criminal team operates on surveillance video. "As soon as they get what they're looking for," he continued, "they drive straight out. They don't necessarily go down any aisle, they just kind of do their thing and get out fast."

They probably head out to shop. The pictures of a suspect we have this week come from a Walgreens. They clearly show a white woman, relatively short in stature, with darker colored hair, just before she went about spending the spoils of their transgressions. "She actually spent quite a bit of money at this Walgreens on the credit card," said Chattanooga Police Sergeant Daniel Jones.  Video from The Rush shows the crew leaving in a light-colored crossover vehicle.

For the best chance at avoiding being a victim of this type of crime, one rule bears repeating. "My advice to everybody is, don't keep things in your seat," said Sullins. "Put `em in your trunk." That rings true even if you are just popping in for a quick workout.

"Out of sight, out of mind," Sgt. Jones agreed. "Throw it in your trunk, even take it with you." Out of sight in your car many times means your vehicle is out of the crook's mind as a target.

As always, there is reward cash waiting for you if you can lead us to this woman or any of the rest of her crew. And no one will ever know it was you who made the call. "They'll be completely anonymous," said Jones. "I'm the only one that answers the phone. Nobody will know that they called in. I'll give all the information to the detectives and then, once the arrest is made or the person is identified, we can be able to give that individual that called a cash reward of up to a thousand dollars."

Sullins tells us security patrols have been increased and that a lot of officers are gym members and work out there in Hixson. If they catch the bad guys, you don't get the reward cash. The only way you get paid, is to call Crime Stoppers with your good tip. The number: 698-3333