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Cleveland parents concerned over crowded school buses

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Parents in Cleveland concerned with overcrowded schools are now worried about overcrowded buses.

Dale Dutcher says his 8 and 10-year-old sons had to stand up on a bus from Mayfield Elementary School because it was too full to find a seat.

His concern, like any parent, safety.

Dutcher says, "Even a hit of the brakes or a bump in the road and they lose their balance and fall. In the worst case they get in to a crash and then where are they going?"

We brought Dutcher's concerns directly to the facilities manager Paul Ramsey.

He says Mayfield is the one school that had issues with a crowded bus last week.

Right now the school system is process of adjusting routes.

"We have to decide how we are going to do it. What to take away, what to add. It is not always easy," Ramsey says.

Ramsey says it takes a great deal of coordinating because bus attendance fluctuates from year to year.

Dutcher says when he first raised the issue, he didn't get very far.

Each bus holds more than 70 students and standing up isn't illegal, just not recommended in Cleveland City Schools.

"Sometimes it is difficult to get high schoolers and middle school kids to have a seat because it does get crowded," says Ramsey.

The school system had been working on a plan since purchasing two additional buses last year.

The one thing Ramsey asks for is patience.

"We have to evaluate that the first week of school and make changes and that is what we are doing right now."

The school system tells Channel 3 they sent home a reminder to parents on Wednesday about any changes to bus routes.

Check with the school system for specifics.

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