Tasha Bates is being tried on charges of felony murder, aggravated child abuse and methamphetamine violations in the deaths of her two sons.

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Defense calls its first witness. Sandra Keith, #TashaBates' mother takes the stand.

Jury not back in courtroom yet, judge denies defense's request to dismiss charges.

The State rests, 15 witnesses in all.

Meth Task Force Investigator says he used Ion scanner at Bates' property to test for drugs.

Officer with Meth Task Force says he found traces of heroin inside Bates' home.

Woods testifies he saw River and Leland in Bates' car the morning of June, 28.

Preston Woods takes the stand. He was at Bates' home on June, 28.

DA points out Stone was at the property searching for meth products days after June, 28. He likely wouldn't have smelled it.

Atty Hughes points out investigators have not testified they smelled a meth odor at Bates' home.

Stone testifies its common to find other people's property at Bates' home. It is consistent with "smurfing".

Stone testifying about "shake and bake" meth making process.

Lt. John Stone with Bradley County Sheriff's Office takes the stand.

DA shows picture of Bates' car to neighbor witness. She explains that is the vehicle she saw arrive at the property on June, 28.

Neighbor testifies it was common to see a lot of cars coming and going from Bates' home.

#TashaBates' neighbor takes stand.

Employee with Dept. of Children Services takes the stand. Testifies Bates' urine sample tested positive for meth.

#BatesTrial back in session, noticeably less people in the courtroom after lunch. Medical examiner back on the stand.

Medical examiner: Boys could've succumbed to heat before they realized it, especially if the car was cooler and heated up.

Medical examiner: the big question is why, once the boys were in the car, why couldn't they get out and save themselves?

Medical examiner testifies its his opinion the boys were in a confined space for a period of time.

Medical examiner testifies River and Leland's core body temp could not have reached deadly temps if they were  on slip n slide

Medical examiner testifies coma sets in when core body temp reaches 105 degrees. Heat will change a child's core temp faster.

States 9th witness takes the stand, a forensic pathologist who conducted autopsies on River and Leland Bates.

Roberts asks Null how much he's being paid to be here. Null responds $5,000 plus travel expenses to testify.

Null: I can tell you TN has had in the teens, cases of child deaths in vehicles since 98'.

Atty Keith Roberts pausing for long moments before cross examining Meteorologist Jan Null.

Defense attorney Keith Roberts becoming a little aggressive with Null. Asks why he doesn't know about any other child heat deaths in TN.

Null testifies he's studied apprx 400 child death cases due to heat inside a vehicle.

On June 28, Null testifies the heat inside Bates' care would've been 140 degrees or higher.

Null: within an hour the temperature inside a vehicle is about 45 to 50 degrees higher than outside temp.

Null testifies a car in hot temps act like a greenhouse. The sun heats objects inside vehicle which gives off heat.

Null to defense attorneys: Its very common for a meteorologist to have a specialty like this.

Defense objects to Null being considered an expert in the field although he has been considered an expert in the past.

Meteorologist Jan Null has done studies about car temperatures and child fatalities in cars, has seen more than 400 cases.

CA meteorologist takes the stand as State's 8th witness.

Some of #TashaBates family in courtroom today. At one point she looked over and mouthed, "I love you."

Investigator Datz making a lot of eye contact with jurors as she testifies.


Atty Hughes questioning Datz why no tests were done on pipes and residue found on property.

Datz: I was outside on my hands and knees processing items the detectives brought to me.

Investigator Monica Datz testifies she retrieved 12 fingerprints from property, only 2 were of value. #BatesTrial

#TashaBates in black today.

More people in the courtroom this morning to watch the #BatesTrial. #TashaBates remains emotionless.

Crime scene investigator on the stand now. She's describing Bates' property while photos are shown to the jury. #BatesTrial

Day 2 of #BatesTrial begins.