Investigators say alcohol may have been a factor in a deadly shooting in Bradley County.

Authorities were called to a home on Spring Place Road late Sunday night, where they found  28-year-old Christopher Coty Tatum and 33-year-old Gaberila Wendy Gasparian had been shot. Tatum later died.

LISTEN  | 911 Emergency phone call (WARNING GRAPHIC LANGUAGE)

The couple's roommate confirms investigators' suspicions. He says he came home Sunday evening to find the couple had been drinking and Tatum playing around with his gun. The next thing he knew, he was on the phone with 911, begging for help.

He was not comfortable doing an on-camera interview but he gave a very detailed account of what happened that night.

He calls the shooting "a horrible accident." He says he came home Sunday evening and Coty and Wendy appeared drunk.

The three of them were watching a movie that had several scenes involving guns. He says that is when Coty got out his 40 caliber handgun and pointed it at his head as a joke. The roommate managed to put the gun away, but Coty got it out again.

Wendy was sitting on Coty's lap on the couch, when Coty pointed the gun to her chest. He also says Wendy's hand was on the gun too. That is when the gun went off, but he could not tell who pulled the trigger. The roommate immediately called 911.

"Thank God, I've heard that he saved Wendy's life. He got right on the phone with the EMS or whatever and he was doing something to help her," says Arthur Houts, who lives next door. "I heard her screaming and I said, 'Oh my God, it's Wendy too!' And I couldn't figure it out how bizarre it was that one shot had hurt two lovely people."

Coty's roommate says the bullet went through Wendy's chest and through Coty, lodging in the couch. After calling 911, he placed rags to her chest until help arrived.

"It just really hurts. I'm sorry for losing it a little bit, but I'm heart broken, like his family must be. He was just a super guy. Always smiling. Just a regular guy working hard. He was a hard working guy. He'd come up with me in the plants and help me out all the time. All I'd have to do is ask. He didn't want any money or anything. He was the kind of guy that would take charge, type of guy," says Houts.

Coty's roommate says this was not the first time Coty had pulled out his gun and handled it while drinking. He says friends had gone as far as taking his guns away from him, fearing for his safety.

The sheriff's office says while the shooting appears accidental, it is still working with the District Attorney's office to see if any criminal charges will be filed in the case.