UPDATE: Jury selection for Tasha Bates' murder trial in Bradley County took a couple of hours Tuesday morning before the judge seated a jury consisting of five women and nine men.

State prosecutors called six witnesses to the stand. The state's main argument, Bates neglected her children which resulted in their deaths on June 28, 2012 because she was using meth.

Bates' attorney, Richard Hughes argues while evidence of meth manufacturing was found inside her home on Keith Valley Road, it's a prime location for meth use but others had access to the property and Bates was not a part of it and drug use did not contribute to her children's deaths.

Criminal investigator Dewayne Scoggins was on the stand the majority of the afternoon. He testified about Bates' initial story.

"That day, initially she told us that she found the kids in the front yard and that she went inside between 20 to 25 minutes had passed and she came out and found them in the yard," Scoggins says.

"She did finally admit that she found both children inside of her car, describing her younger child River Bates to be in the front right passenger seat of the vehicle with that seat laid completely back and her older son Leland was partially hanging out of the right, rear passenger door," says Scoggins. 

Scoggins also testified Bates finally admitted she was away from her children for about an hour and a half.

A TBI special agent also took the stand. She testified a small amount of meth was found in Bates' blood however, she could not determine when and how much was ingested.

The trial will resume at 9 a.m. Wednesday. Follow @JonquilNewland3 on Twitter for live updates throughout the day.