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Family relieved by Cleveland murder arrest

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It's been four years since anyone has seen or heard from Marsha Brantley. Her body was never found, but her husband is facing charges for her murder.

Marsha's aunt, Medra Justis, was relieved to hear about the charges. She plans to be there when the case goes to trial hoping to learn the whereabouts of her niece's body.

A headstone bears the name of Justis' niece, but Marsha Brantley's body isn't there.

"It's been four years since she disappeared, and we've been on edge ever since. We've been very sad," says Justis.

Now they are a step closer to finding out what really happened to Brantley. After four years,
her husband, Donnie Brantley, was arrested for her murder.

"He didn't report her missing. He told authorities she had no family and he told several different stories about where she was, so we suspected it from the beginning."

She says she has faith the prosecution has built a strong case, and will bring justice to her missing niece.

"They were waiting to try and find the body, and they wanted to wait until they had good enough circumstantial evidence to arrest him," says Justis.

Authorities have not shared the evidence with Justis or the media, but Justis is hoping the trial will provide answers to her many questions, most of all -- where Marsha's body remains.

"It's something that has been weighing on us all these years, and it has to be weighing on Donnie."

Police tell channel 3 the search isn't over.

"At this point efforts to locate her missing body of Marsha Brantley will continue."

A day Justis wishes would come soon: to put her dear niece in her final resting place.

"If and when we do find her, we'll have another service for her."

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