A Ringgold family is homeless Thursday, one week after their home burned to the ground. Since we shared their struggle on Channel 3, people are stepping in to help.

The Walden family says they couldn't be more thankful for the outpouring of support from people they don't even know. They're still looking for a place to rent, but now know there are people willing to help them start all over again.

Not much is left of the three bedroom trailer the eight members of the Walden family called home. Last week, a fire consumed it, leaving the already cash-strapped family with next to nothing.

"There ain't really nobody helping us," fire victim Steven Walden said in an interview Tuesday.

"Every day since the fire we've been out here working and doing as much as we can each and every day," Landlord Kim Mooneyhan said.

Landlord Kim Mooneyhan says since the family's story aired, her phone's been ringing off the hook with people wanting to help the Waldens get back on their feet.

"Without them, I don't know what would've happened to these people today," Mooneyhan said.

New Haven Baptist Church in East Brainerd took up an offering for the Waldens and stopped by the motel they're staying in to give them $1,145 Thursday.

"Just want to thank everybody that's pitched in and helped and thank you all very much," Steven Walden told church member Buster Smith.

Meanwhile, a couple in Harrison saw their story and put out the call for donations.

"It just snow balled and we've got two trucks ready to go," Sister Jo Whitworth said.

They run Angels of Mercy Ministry out of their basement to help anybody they hear needs help, even in other states.

"We want to let them know how much they're loved and how much we love them," Whitworth said.

So far they have a couch, table and chairs, clothes, toys, food and baby supplies for the Waldens.

"Twin bed was brought last night," she said.

They've got one bed frame and a crib, but still need mattresses and frames for the rest of the family to sleep on. Whitworth says it means a lot to her to do God's work by meeting this family's needs.

"Priceless," she said.

"Just to see their faces, the kids faces when I said 'hey we got you a lot of stuff coming babies' you know, they were 'Alright Kim!'" Mooneyhan said.

Angels of Mercy Ministries plans to deliver everything to the Waldens Saturday. Again, they still need beds and a place to rent.

If you're interested in donating, call: Sister Jo Whitworth at (423)344-7617

If you're interested in renting a home to the Waldens, call: Steven & Chastity Walden at (706)273-4649, or Kim Mooneyhan at (423)582-8565.