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Snuffing out E-cigarettes

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(KARE) - As the E-cigarette business continues to boom, you might see more and more people inhale the product's "vapor" indoors, but that's not the case for one Minnesota city.

It may be relatively odorless and considered just a water vapor mist, but the smoke-like appearance of an E-cig causes enough people to question if it's legal to puff indoors.

"When you see people doing it right away, the first reaction is just to tell them no smoking obviously," said Blue Bricks Bar and Restaurant's Ray Betts. "And then they go through the whole 'schpeel' of how it's not harmful.

Betts has heard plenty of 'spiel' and in Mankato, city councilors took up the issue and quickly decided to ban E-cigs at bars and restaurants in the city.

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