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When is flood repair grant money coming to S. Pittsburg? "Very Soon"


The City of South Pittsburg is anxiously waiting to receive state funding to help homeowners with repairs after last month's flood. The Tennessee Housing Development Agency has pledged a $300,000 grant. But some are asking, what is taking so long?

There is still plenty of damage in South Pittsburg from last month's floods, as folks are still cleaning up. With the grant money in limbo, many say all they can do is just sit and wait.

Even though it has been more than a month, the devastation left by raging flood waters is still fresh on the minds of those in South Pittsburg.

"The water was rushing in pretty bad. I saw those two buildings behind that house over there were washed up in this driveway," says resident Jakobi Reynolds.

Reynolds says the city immediately jumped into action.

"The community came together. People from all around. The Red Cross came down here and helped us out and brought water, stuff like that, clean up material. Pretty much everyone from surrounding areas helped out," he says.

The Tennessee Housing Development Agency announced it would provide a $300,000 grant, to help homeowners with repair costs as long as the city puts up a match of $150,000.

"There will be probably some household income restrictions," says South Pittsburg Mayor Jane Dawkins.

Mayor Dawkins says the THDA has already hinted that in-kind labor will go toward the match, it is just not clear how much.

"We understand some of that will help us on that $150,000 match but we do not know specifically what those guidelines are," says Dawkins.

The Executive Director of THDA, Ralph Perrey, tells Channel 3, "We are confident that South Pittsburg has attracted sufficient assistance from other sources to meet the matching funds requirement for THDA's grant. We are completing our review but anticipate no difficulty in awarding funds to the town and doing so very soon."

"I think $300,000 dollars would help out the community a lot," says Reynolds.

City officials say they are considering all possibilities, when it comes to getting more grant money. Mayor Dawkins says the flood also has the city evaluating its drainage system and what, if any, repairs can be made to improve it.

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