DUNLAP, TN (WRCB) - For nearly three years homeowners in phase three of New Hope Subdivision, a senior-living community, have gone without paved roads, gutters, sidewalks, mailboxes and driveways. The developer who promised it all in a contract disappeared more than a year ago.

"Basically all they did is just finish the houses and they were gone," Homeowner Judy Duffey says.

Duffey has lived there since the beginning. Work surrounding her home, like the rest on her gravel road, remains unfinished. "I wrote a letter to the president, I tried everything that I could think of," Duffey explains.

However, help is just around the corner thanks to the city and state officials.

"We are going to work with the city and the development district to try and get some of these issues finished," David Pair, with the Tennessee Housing Development Agency says.

Dunlap Mayor Dwain Land acknowledges the properties are getting worse daily, especially with all the rain. He tells Channel 3 the city could not begin work since it was private property but the situation has become dire. Earlier this month the city and the THDA allocated $150,000 to help stabilize the properties.

"There are a number of things that are left to be done," Pair says. 

However, the good news may fall on deaf ears especially for homeowners who believe they've been scammed by developer Russell Meade, who's nowhere to be found.

"Right now we still just have promises," says Duffey.

Residents were told work will be completed by the end of September. Mayor Land says once the road is up to code, the city will maintain it.