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Chattanooga woman claims post office tampered with her mail

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A Chattanooga woman says her business's mail is being tampered with at the post office. She worries someone got her banking information and that it could happen again, or to someone else.  

Kim Bonds owns her own cleaning business. She says the reason she got a P.O. Box for her business mail was specifically for keeping it secure, but now she says it's obvious it's not, and wants answers.

"It's scary because the post office is supposed to be where your mail can be safe," Kim Bonds said.

Chattanooga resident and small business owner Kim Bonds picked up her mail Saturday from her P.O. Box at the Murray Lake Hills Post Office just off Highway 58. She says she noticed something wasn't right with the way her banking statement was packaged.

"I've been with First Tennessee Bank with my business probably 14 years and I realize and I know for a fact this is a First Tennessee Envelope right here. This is their logo and when you open their mail and this is how it's going to do," she said.

Instead, she says the envelope her bank statement was in is plain white and see-through. She says her banker confirmed to her that's is not what they send mail in, but was not available for an interview Wednesday.

"I do want to get to the bottom of it and find out who is messing with my mail," Bonds said.

She voiced her concerns to the manager of her post office. A USPS spokesperson told Channel 3 the local workers said there was "little to substantiate" Bonds' claim because they didn't notice a difference in the envelopes. Bonds says she won't stop until she gets some better answers.

"I just don't appreciate it and I don't want it to happen to anybody else," Bonds said.

She says she filed a police report Tuesday, and now plans on filing a complaint with Tennessee's Inspector General's Office.

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