The City of Chattanooga should soon have more money to spend on road repair. The City Council voted Tuesday night to spend $2.5 million to pave some of the town's trouble spots. A deal was reached to increase funding for roadways from $1.7 million to $2.5 million.

The increased money for paving was shifted from funds marked for repair and replacement of city-owned property, as well as the city's contingency fund.

Potholes and rough roads can be a nuisance for drivers and damage cars. And now with more money in the budget for roads, some residents on St. Elmo Avenue hope to see improvements.

"St. Elmo Avenue is always in disrepair," said Maggie Rose.

Maggie Rose does yard work in her St. Elmo neighborhood. Only a small sidewalk separates her from the rough road.

She said the road is constantly breaking down because of heavy traffic. Channel 3 didn't have to look far to find cracks, broken pavement and potholes.

"This road wasn't built for trucks," she said. "This road was built for normal city traffic."

Bikers, pedestrians and folks driving cars share a two-lane avenue with 18-wheelers.

"Bigger trucks especially with all the construction going on," said Bo Ray of Quality Tires. "The dump trucks will cause it, will cause pockets in the asphalt to form."

Bo Ray at Quality Tires said potholes can damage cars.

"When the tire hits it, it will pinch the tire upside the rim and that will cause a blowout or damage the sidewall," he said.

Ray said potholes can hurt the car's suspension and that smaller cars with low-profile tires are more susceptible to pothole damage.

But now Mayor Andy Berke is ready to work on problem roads. The city has an approved $2.5 million to spend on road repair and paving. That's the most money a mayor's budgeted for roads in nine years.

Rose said it's money well spent.

"It's what connects the people, it's what connects our neighbors in other cities, it's what connects us to Georgia," Rose said. "I think roads are a very important connector so yes I think we need to spend money on roads."

"The Council meets again next week to vote on the capital budget.