Complete strangers gather at the charred home of Steven and Chastity Walden less than a week after fire gutted it.

Early Thursday morning the family of eight woke up to a fast spreading fire and Chastity rushed to get everyone out safely.

"I was smelling smoke and I woke him up and was going through the house trying to get our kids out," Chastity says.

Tuesday several people, including the landlord, pitched in to help clean and perhaps save a few memories.

Kim Mooneyhan says the family had only lived there for seven months before the house went up in flames.

As a family friend, it's hard for her to see this. To make matters worse, Steven says the family has been emptying its bank account to get basic needs.

The Red Cross vouchers are slowly running out and right now he is concerned with getting school supplies for his four little girls.

"We have been to Goodwill and getting stuff here and there but we have to pay for it ourselves and no one has helped us," Steven says.

Mooneyhan has called friends and tapped neighbors for donations, but says it hasn't been enough.

She says the goal is to find community groups to donate extra supplies for the family.

Mooneyhan only hopes someone would do the same for her in a time of need.

You can contact the Walden's at 706-273-4649 or Kim Mooneyhan at 423-582-8565 if you would like to help.