Summers at Lake Winnapesaukah's new SoakYa Water Park is all about family and fun in the sun. However, all that changed for one young girl in early August.

That's when the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office took a call from a concerned mother, "about some inappropriate touching that had taken place while her daughter was on a ride there at Lake Winnie," says Sheriff Gary Sisk. "This person did report it to her mother and her mother did contact the sheriff's office. No child should ever be a victim."

Officers say the young girl was on a water ride with a man her family had a relationship with.

"It wasn't a total stranger," Sisk says.

Christopher Nix, 35, of Chatsworth is charged with one count of child molestation. If convicted he could face years behind bars.

"You could be looking at upward of 10 to 20 years," Sisk says.

To protect the young accuser in this case, the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office would not release much information but says the young girl did the right thing by alerting her mother.

"Any child that may be watching, please confide in your parents and let your parents know. I know it can be a very tough and trying time for a family because of having to go through an investigation and possibly a trial but you never know if you're the only victim. There may be someone else out there and you may be protecting someone else if you can report that person to us," Sisk says.