UPDATE: The Chattanooga SWAT team stormed an East Chattanooga home, only to find the man they were looking for was already gone.

Channel 3 now knows the subject of their search was 19 year-old Dameion Reynolds, who police say tried to rob the Cricket Store on East 3rd Street.

He was seen leaving in a black Lexis, which was spotted outside his home on Dodson Avenue, less than half a mile from the scene of the attempted robbery.

Police say Reynolds didn't get away with anything, but was armed and that is why the SWAT team responded.

A crowd gathered to watch, as the Chattanooga SWAT team attempted to make contact with the man they say tried to rob the Cricket store on East 3rd Street.

"They found him real quick," said a Eyewitness.

This young man, who lives in Glenwood and asked us not to show his face, says he witnessed the attempted robbery at the store he used to work for.

"I saw the guys pull up to the front of Cricket, get out. One guarded the door. While one guarded the door, the other was inside talking. Cricket has a panic button. They pushed the panic button," said Eyewitness.

Pictures from inside the store, along with eyewitness accounts, helped police identify the black Lexis as the getaway car and 19-year-old Dameion Reynolds as the suspect.

Police would not say if they believe he acted alone.

"Witnesses saw the suspect flee in a vehicle which we found at 551 Dodson Avenue." said Nathan Hartwig, Chattanooga Police Public Information Officer.

Snipers kept a watch, as officers evacuated nearby houses.

The SWAT team used tear gas to get inside the home that is listed in court documents as Reynolds' primary address.

"No contact was ever made so we eventually made entrance into the residence and he was not there," said Hartwig.

After 5 hours, the SWAT team cleared the scene, sure that Reynolds was not inside.

A disappointing ending for neighbors who watched the whole thing unfold.

"I hope they just go on and surrender themselves. Go on and face it. Go on and face it. You did the crime, now you got to do the time," said Eyewitness.

Reynolds is wanted for attempted aggravated robbery. According to Hamilton County open warrant records, warrants were taken out against Reynolds in July for a list of traffic violations.

Police consider him armed and dangerous, and ask anyone with information about his location to give them a call.


SWAT has been called to a scene on the 600 block of Dodson Avenue.

Police say they believe the suspect who robbed the Cricket store with weapon on East 3rd is in a home on Dodson Avenue.

SWAT agents are using a speaker system to communicate with the suspect. Sniper agents were also called to the scene.

An employee at Cricket says surveillance video from the robbery led police to the location. A black Lexus presumed to be the get away car is parked in front of the home.

SWAT officials have mostly been negotiating but agents did send a remote controlled robot close to the home to presumably check conditions.

Approximately an hour and a half since SWAT arrived, they have moved the truck into the front yard and SWAT approached the front door.

Officials entered the home and exited shortly after without the suspect.

Police then returned to speakers. Officers wearing gas masks fired apparent tear gas into the home.

They entered the house a second time.

The suspect's name has not been released.

WRCB has a crew on the scene.