Hutcheson announced plans Tuesday to split ties with Erlanger Hospital.

The terms of the agreement are still in negotiation, but officials say they plant to modify the management relationship so Erlanger will no longer manage Hutcheson.

Walker, Dade and Catoosa Counties agreed to finance Hutcheson while it searches for alternative partners.

"The management agreement has not met the expectations of Hutcheson's Board of Directors or the leaders of Walker, Dade and Catoosa Counties," said Corky Jewell, chairman of Hutcheson Medical Center's Board of Directors. "A continuation of the agreement would not add value to the hospital."

The two hospitals have partnered since 2011 and recently ended negotiations for Erlanger to lease Hutcheson's North Georgia facility.

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Hutcheson's board of directors says the negotiations were not in the hospital or citizens' best interest.

 "Officials from all three counties are committed to financially supporting Hutcheson while the hospital seeks a different partner," said Chad Young, attorney for Catoosa County.