The Tennessee Department of Transportation granted aeronautics grants to three area airports.

Lovell Field in Chattanooga, Mark Anton Airport in Dayton, and Brown Field in Jasper all received grants.

Eighteen airports total received grants for a total of $14.2 million.

Chattanooga received grants for rescue and firefighting equipment, it network upgrade and replacement, airport vehicles, backup generator for short/long termparking lots, and terminal renovation. They received more than $1.4 million total.

Chattanooga Airport also announced they would be partnering with a new food vendor. In October, "Air Host" will be replaced by "Tailwind Concessions." the deal is costing the airport nearly half a million dollars, but the new company plans to pay that back.

Jasper received grants for tree clearing and airport layout plan and exhibit "A." They received $145,000.

Dayton received grants for updated airport layout plan. They received $94,736.