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UPDATE: Fred on the road to recovery

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Dr. Emily Blackwell, Middle Valley Animal Hospital veterinarian, "They had removed both of his testicles, they were both gone.:

Eileen Price, owner Wally's Friends, " All of our vets were appalled, it was obvious cruelty."

Fred's caretakers are noticing a major improvement to his health and happiness.

They notice he's come a long way after a Good Samaritan dropped him off unresponsive, cut with a sharp object and in severe pain.

Channel 3 viewers continue to email and comment on our Facebook page. The vets have received more than enough money to cover the surgery. They've also received donations like dog beds, dog toys, and lots of other support.

Eileen Price, owner Wally's Friends, "A lot of people were wondering if he gotten torn on a fence or cut himself but the lines were definite.   All four vets confirmed it was cut with a knife."

The local vets that help treat this 60 pound mix breed believe the person or people involved - held Fred down and tried to perform an at home surgery.  The owner of Wally's Friends says regardless of the reason it is a barbaric unthinkable act of animal cruelty.  

Eileen Price, owner Wally's Friends, "Whether or not they were neutering the animal, he was in pain. He would have died within a week from being septic."

To leave this story on a good note, Fred is expected to live a full healthy life.
He's still on antibiotics and needs to gain more strength before Wally's Friends find him a loving home.

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