UPDATE: The Chattanooga Police Officers involved in the Economy Inn shooting that happened Saturday are all currently on administrative leave with pay which is standard procedure for officer-involved shootings. 

The officers are Kristoffer Tinney, Zachary Moody, and Steven Meador.



After a man led Chattanooga police on a high-speed chase that spanned 40 miles and two states, Channel 3 obtained a copy of the department's policy manual which states an officer can give chase under certain circumstances.

In this case armed robbery permits a chase.

Police say Antonio Sheffield from Mississippi, is seen on surveillance video walking into a nail shop on Brainerd Road and holding everyone at gun point Saturday evening.

He would later be confronted by police, exchange gun fire, and steal a police cruiser with another man in the back seat.

He then led police on a high-speed chase ending in Whitfield County.

The policy also states the officers must consider several factors when giving chase, such as if his or her life is in more danger and road conditions.

That day the roads were soaked from heavy rain.

The policy does allow for an officer to pursue out of the city if a supervisor allows it or if the situation is that severe.

At the end of the chase Sheffield took his own life.

There's no word on why Sheffield was in this area but we do know he last lived in Gulfport, Mississippi.

As for the man in the patrol car that Sheffield stole, police say he was not involved in the robbery.

He was released and not charged.