UPDATE: A man accused of beating a child to death has pleaded guilty.

Monday afternoon, Kenneth Coleman pleaded guilty to Second Degree Murder and to two counts of Aggravated Child Abuse in connection with the death of four-year-old Tyreke Evans and the beating of this three-year-old brother Donamiche Brewer.

Coleman was sentenced to 20 years for the murder and 15 years for aggravated child abuse.  These two sentences will be served consecutively and at 100%, making his time in prison 35 years. ____________________________________________

A couple charged in a tragic child abuse case appeared in court Thursday. 

Kenneth Coleman and Patricia Brewer were in court and a judge decided they would be tried separately.

Patricia Brewer & Kenneth Coleman were in court yesterday (briefly) ... charged in the death of Brewer's little boy.

 Both are due back in court February 4th.


Brewer and her former live-in boyfriend Coleman were indicted by a Hamilton County Grand Jury in 2012.

The case revolves around the death of four-year-old  Tyreke Evans and the beating of his three-year-old brother Donamiche Brewer.

Tyreke was pronounced dead December 19, 2011

Police say Brewer and Coleman took the boys to Children's Hospital where they told police the four-year-old fell down a staircase. Coleman later admitted to striking the boys with a belt.

Brewer is charged with child abuse. Coleman is charged with felony murder and two counts of aggravated child abuse.

They will be back in court October 17th.