East Ridge emergency responders put out a school bus fire Sunday evening.

Firefighters responded to the blaze just after 5 p.m. Sunday at 5816 Ringgold Road. The bus was parked in the U-Haul parking lot.

The engine compartment of the bus was on fire and firefighters reported heavy smoke.

Firefighters say the fire caused the two front tires of the bus to explode. The fire was extinguished quickly.

"The buses are lined up outside there just about every day, every weekday," said Jonathan Lindstrom.

Jonathan Lindstrom is a sales associate at Coin Shop, located just yards away from where that bus caught fire Sunday. Coin Shop was closed when his neighbors in East Ridge reported hearing and feeling an explosion.

"The explosion didn't set of an alarm or anything. So that was weird. We weren't notified about that," Lindstrom said.

Weird, he said, because Coin Shop has an alarm system so sensitive it's often set off by the doors slamming shut on these UHAUL trucks.

"Can't imagine it wouldn't have gone off with a big explosion and lots of shaking and what not," he said.

The source of the shaking and rattling? Police said the front tires on the bus exploded in the heat of the fire. Viewers shared their pictures with Channel-3. The biggest flames were shooting up from under the hood of what appears to be your traditional yellow school bus.

But this bus is powered by propane. And UHAUL has a propane filling station on site.

Quality Driver, an Indiana company, owned the bus. It was being transported from a repair facility in Resaca, Georgia.

No one was on the bus and there were no injuries.

The cause of the fire is not known.