CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Kayak bass fishing is one of the newest trends in the fishing industry today.  Mainly in the past it has been a saltwater sport, but anglers have discovered the fresh water advantages to Kayak bass-in.  

Kayak bass fishing has many advantages over the costly high powered bass boat, a tow vehicle, gas, insurance and maintenance are not part of the agenda.  Kayaks can be simply carried on the top of a car or in the back of a truck and easily launched in places a bass boat could not launch.

Kayak anglers can paddle far into back waters seldom reached by bass boats.  These bass are likely less pressured and can provide some great bass action.  Some fishing styles like flipping may be difficult but your low profile to the water opens an excellent opportunity for skipping baits under docks and low hanging trees.  

Corey Stansifer from Chattanooga, TN has organized a club which actually has tournaments on area lakes.  Corey said "we are having a ball Kayak bass-in and is looking for his group to grow in the future.  One of our goals is to get some local and/or national business involved to help us get the word out".  

If you think you might like to try some of this low cost, super fun bass angling contact Corey Stansifer at 423-385-5703 or at or visit for more info.