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Couple gets second chance to take wedding photos

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It's been a month since Brandon and Cindy Withrow's wedding pictures went missing.

They tell Channel 3 they hired a photographer to capture the memories, but her laptop and back-up hard drive were both stolen at Riverbend.

And so were the once in a life time pictures of the Withrow's wedding. After a long struggle looking for their stolen photos, the Withrow family had a chance to re-create a big life moment.

Cindy Withrow says it was heartbreaking to hear that she wouldn't be getting any pictures from her wedding, after the equipment they were stored on was stolen, at Riverbend.

"When I initially found out i was in shock, I couldn't believe it was happening I kept waiting for her to say but I think i can get them back," said Withrow

Which Withrow tells us, those words were never spoken. In fact she says she hardly heard from Significant Photography at all after the pictures went missing.

"Any contact we had with her was us initiating the call. She didn't call us back. You know what else did you find out? She just didn't want to talk to us," said Withrow

 And now, nearly 3 months after their wedding, they're without pictures and money.

"She told us we would get our money back, but we've gotten half of our money back, but we've not gotten the other half," said Withrow

And they're unsure if they ever will.

"It's not that it's a lot of money, but it's the principal. We paid her to do a job and she didn't do it. And now she's the one playing the victim and we're the ones in the wrong," said Withrow

But while this seems like a bad ending to a fairy tale wedding, when they're first photographer didn't come through another one came to their rescue after hearing their story on Channel 3.

"She said this is horrible, I can't believe this has happened to you," said Withrow

"She had already contacted a caterer, a florist and she was going to re-do our whole wedding for us," said Withrow

The newly weds decided it was too much trouble to re-do the entire ceremony and opted for a few photos post wedding instead.

"When you hear of a couple losing all of their wedding photos, it's sad. It's heartbreaking and i just wanted to help them out," said Melody Hood, with Innamorata Photography.

"It's kind of left me speechless to know somebody who doesn't know us cared enough to try to fix this wrong," said Withrow

Withrow says she's missing out on a few key pictures.

"I don't have the pictures of my girls helping me get ready or the pictures of Brandon's mom helping him get ready or the pictures of me and my dad." said Withrow

But she tells me, these are bound to be perfect.

"There are already some great shots being taken, so I'm just excited to see the finished product," said Withrow

Channel 3 attempted several times to reach the owner of Significant Photography for a comment.

Our calls have not been returned. However, she did file a police report when the pictures were stolen.

The Withrows say to their knowledge police never recovered the stolen equipment.

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