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Emergency workers help one of their own

GEORGETOWN, TN (WRCB-TV) -- Nail by nail, plank by plank, Bradley County Emergency Medical Services employees build a new deck at the home of their co-worker Cindy Hensley. Bob, her husband of 13 years, was suddenly diagnosed with stage-four cancer last week. Paramedic Stan Clark has been Cindy's ambulance partner for several years.

"It's been real hard. Cindy is like my "work wife". She's like my best friend and they're like family to us," says Clark.

The cancer has spread throughout bob's body and bones, forcing him to remain homebound and unable to work. Clark says Bob is taking it well despite a bleak prognosis.

"Bob's a very humble, Christian man," says Clark. "He's a great husband and a great father and a good friend."

To make life easier for Bob, Clark and Cindy's EMS family spent Friday building the deck, equipped with a wheelchair ramp. Now Bob can take in the nearby wildlife and live each day as they come.

"He'll be able to sit on his front porch and watch the deer walk through the yard. Enjoy the fresh air," says Clark.

Nearly $3,000 have been raised in an online fundraiser to help pay the Hensley's bills. Donations have been arriving in droves, and the lumber has been supplied by a local company at a reduced price.

Chief Danny Lawson remembers when Cindy came to EMS years before meeting Bob.

"At the time she was a single mom trying to raise two young boys," recalls Lawson.

He says Bob came along and changed Cindy's life, becoming an exemplary father to her sons. Her co-workers have been covering Cindy's hours so she can spend as much time with her ailing husband as possible.

"When her shift comes up, someone else is filling her shift so that she can take care of Bob and be there for him," explains Lawson.

Until they find out God's plan for Bob, Clark says their efforts to help are the least they could do.

"If God doesn't heal him on earth, obviously he's going to be healed when he goes for his eternal reward," says Clark.

One of the Hensley's sons and their two daughters live in Bradley County and have been visiting. Their other son is stationed overseas in the Army. They're trying to get him home so he can spend time with the family during this difficult period.

Donations to the Hensley's fund can be made at www.gofundme.com. In the search field near the top of the home page type Stage 4 Cancer Let's Fight Back. Cash and check donations are also being accepted at Trophies Unlimited in Cleveland, Tennessee.

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