People in Bledsoe County need help. Countless are going hungry and won't be able to feed their families. It's an issue people in the area are facing and putting food on their tables is getting harder each day. One of the county's food banks is running low.

When Pastor Bill Wolfe opened the Lee Station Baptist Church Food Bank 10 years ago, what little they had in the pantry was more than enough.

Wolfe said, "sometimes we'd go weeks without a call but now we don't go one day without a call."

Now they feed nearly 100 families from Bledsoe and Sequatchie County a month with just one freezer and one pantry, and lately the pantry has been running on empty.

Wolfe said, "people are wanting to help, that's great, we just have to get the word out that the need is there."

Wolfe said the need has never been higher. Bledsoe County's unemployment rate is more than 10 percent, about percent higher than the state's average.

Wolfe can relate to those he's helping he was laid off four years ago, he has since found another job but that's not the case for many.

"It's heart breaking. I've had people in, men literally stand here and break down and cry because they said we don't do this, we're usually the ones giving instead of receiving. Hard workers, not lazy, I'm talking about good hard working men and women," said Wolfe.

The Lee Station Food Bank isn't affiliated with any other food banks so what they receive comes from donations, their church consists of 50-60 people and Wolfe says they do all they can, but outside help is needed.

"We've got to keep the word out there and keep this in the front of their minds so that they don't forget there's so many needs out there," said Wolfe.

To donate to the Lee Station Food Bank call (423) 667-2287