An East Lake teenager and her unborn child are recovering at a local hospital, after a drive-by shooting.

It happened earlier Tuesday in the East Lake Courts housing complex, a known hot spot for crime.

It's one of the areas the mayor and police chief hope to get a handle on with a new initiative and 40 new officers.

But as we learned Tuesday, the hiring of those new officers, won't mean more boots on the ground in East Lake.

"They just started shooting. Drive-by just like four or five shots, just back to back and back to back," said Candi Anderson.

Candi Anderson was on her porch when she says a dark colored SUV pulled up and someone inside started shooting.

"Bullets don't have eyes so it could have hit anybody," said Anderson.

Police say one of the bullets hit a pregnant 16-year-old, standing in a crowd.

The bullet struck her in the lower back. The teen and her unborn child are expected to survive.

Now police are looking for the shooter. It's a story neighbors are tired of hearing.

"It just needs to stop," said Anderson.

Chattanooga Police Chief Bobby Dodd says the mayor's plan to hire 40 new officers will help solve crimes in neighborhoods like East Lake.

He says it will also help prevent crime all together.

"I'm going to put 20 investigators back in the CID division, criminal investigations. And I'm going to put at least 10 more officers on the Crime Suppression Unit," said Police Chief Bobby Dodd.

Dodd says both of those units work in tandem with officers in East Lake.

But while he says East Lake can expect more police action, it is not one of the three areas slated to gain a police district.

"We are going to add three districts, one to the Hamilton Place area, one to the Collegedale area, and one to the Hixson area," said Dodd.

Dodd says the creation of those districts is based on calls for service and response times.

The geographical size of those areas also comes into play.

Dodd says lightening the load of investigators will help in all neighborhoods.

But he says it's going to take the cooperation of witnesses and victims.

"Somebody knows, somebody knows who the shooter was, why the shooting occurred and all that," said Dodd.

Candi Anderson just hopes someone will come forward in this latest case.

"It's getting worse. Chattanooga is getting worse and worse and worse every day," said Anderson.

Neighbors tell us the victim is 20 weeks pregnant. Her injuries are described as non-life-threatening.

Anyone with information in Tuesday's shooting is asked to call the Chattanooga Police Department at (423) 698-2525.