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Heavy rains cause erosion issues in Cleveland

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Muddy water runs from Brymer Creek in Cleveland.

State environmentalists say it comes from a major construction site near Interstate 75 and it's causing an erosion headache for builders. Now city taxpayers are on the hook for a $2,500 daily fine if it's not cleaned up.

"The more delays you have the more the soil erosions can fail, and you have to replace it and that all costs money," Jonathan Jobe with city engineering says.

To make matters worse the heavy rainfall has continued to wash out the leveled land putting the project on hold several times a day.

Channel 3 Storm Alert meteorologists say our area has seen nearly two feet of extra rain this year and it's not making it any easier to complete the $4 million industrial park.

"Normally you don't get that. July and August is when you can get most of your work done," Jobe says.

T-DOT is splitting the cost of the project with the city and county

The state issued a notice in June and another in July saying the project was facing erosion issues.

Since then an inspector has been on-hand at $1,100 per day.

City leaders say they have received complaints about the muddy creek, but it's an issue they inherited.

George Poe Jr. with Cleveland City Council says, "A lot of the mud that went down there into the creek was there long before this project was even heard of."

The city has until Friday to fix the issue. City leaders say the ground work should be complete by October.

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