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Dalton family finds prosthetic leg, searches for owner

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A North Georgia mom and daughter made an unusual discovery along the road last week, a prosthetic leg. Now they're looking for the person it belongs to.

Sharon and Kadee Roberts found the leg last week. They've put out the call for the owner on Facebook and the local paper, but no luck so far. Knowing it's vital to someone's mobility and how expensive they are, they hope the leg's owner, or someone who knows them comes forward.

Sharon and her daughter Kadee were driving on Northgate Drive in Dalton, near Curt's Restaurant and Zaxby's, when something lying in the road's narrow shoulder caught their eyes.

"We both evidently saw it because I looked and said 'is that what I think it is?' and she said 'I think so' and I said 'that was a fake leg,'" Sharon Roberts said.

After a few seconds of debating, they figured they ought to pick the leg up.

"I just kind of walked around the car and got it," Kadee Roberts said.

Regardless of how the leg got there, they know somebody relies on it to get around.

"I just think it would be something someone wants back," Sharon said.

She also recognizes how pricey it is. Lower extremity prosthesis ranges from $5,000 to $50,000.

This one is a right leg, below the knee, and the shoe looks fairly new. It's a men's size 13 extra wide. It's made by PPS Orthotic and Prosthetic Services.

"There's some numbers there that may help locate the owner," Sharon said.

Tuesday she contacted PPS's Chattanooga office with those numbers. They told her they'd try their best to figure out who bought it.  

The leg did get a little damaged on the road.

"Just right at the edge there is scuffed up and there was some tar and I didn't do a good job of getting all the tar off because it was thick on there," Sharon said.

Tuesday, Sharon got an tip on someone it could belong to, so we tracked him down.

Carter Pittman lost his right leg in a car accident 18 years ago. He has a similar looking shoe, but his prosthetic is thankfully, right where it belongs. Knowing personally how important it is to an amputee, he hopes the real owner is found soon.

"It's very important. If you don't have it, you have to hop and it's not too easy if you don't know how to hop," Pittman said.

Sharon also reached out to someone in the physical rehabilitation field. They told her it could be the type used for bicycling. They say some amputee's have multiple legs, they change out depending on what they're doing.

If you think you know who the owner is, email reporter Kimberly Barbour at kbarbour@wrcbtv.com and she will pass your tip on to the Roberts family.

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