Hamilton and Catoosa County may receive a big upgrade, boosting transportation options that will change how people make their way around town.

More than 150 proposed plans are currently being reviewed.  

Two options stand out, however.

Option 1 - The rapid bus transit plans. The bus designs look like a small bus with a light rail that can run on the existing roads.  

Option 2 - A light rail subway style system that would be called "The Chattanooga Way" This design could be above ground-- like the "L" in Chicago-- or underground-- like the MARTA in Atlanta.

City officials believe these two options would help the environment, save commuters money and bypass traffic during peak times in areas like downtown, the airport and Highway 153.  

"It is really exciting to be at a point were we could produce a plan that says in the future we could have a light rail," Melissa Taylor with the Regional Planning Agency said.

Rob Bradham with the Chattanooga Area Chamber hopes one of these options get approved. 

"No one likes to be stuck in traffic for an hour or two everyday when they are trying to commute from their job."

The decision making process takes a few months.  The official answer which plan gets approved will get approved should be finalized by the end of December 2013.