Levon Mercer's car shop sits about 20 feet away from a nearby creek. Monday it looked more like a roaring river.

In past years Mercer says the Bledsoe County Road Department helped clean out the creek to prevent flooding, but it hasn't been cleaned in years. Every time it rains on the mountain the creek floods.

"When the banks wear down over the years it can't contain the water that comes down it," explains Mercer.

Jesse Mercer's home is also in danger of flooding every time it rains. Large rocks and boulders are skewed across his property, courtesy of the rushing creek water.

"This was not like this, rocks come in from the break in the side of the creek up towards the Church of Christ building," Jesse says.

The Mercers have asked the county for help.

"It's not their job, that's their response," says Mercer.

Bledsoe County Mayor Bob Collier tells Channel 3 the county is in the process of putting a mitigation plan together to help the Cold Springs community.  

The county EMS director says the creek cannot be cleaned without special permits, but they're working on getting grant money to pay a contractor to do it.

"By them not doing it, it ends up a greater expense on the tail end of it than if they got in there to spend a little to correct it or prevent it," says Mercer.

Once the mitigation plan is finalized, Collier says it will be voted on by the Bledsoe County Commission before it can be approved by the State. Once it is, the county can then apply for grant money. The Mercer's just hope their home and business are still there when the money comes.