It's just another day on the greenway in Cleveland, Tennessee.

"We're just regular everyday runners," said Tim Spires.

But these runners are now running for a cause to help the victims of the Boston marathon bombing.

"When something happens to a running community like what happened in this race last year, it's like something happened to our family, and family goes out to help family," said Spires.

But this isn't your typical marathon they're running, it's much longer.

"We've pulled together 26 men and women who are going to run 1080 miles from Cleveland, Tennessee to Boston," said Fred Garmon.

It's a relay race called Run Now Relay and the runners will hand off a baton every six miles until each runner has ran nearly 50 miles. It will take eight whole days, without stopping.

"We're gonna end up in Boston, Massachusetts the day before the Boston marathon," said Garmon.

They're hoping to have something to show for it. The goal is to raise $75,000 to help pay for prosthetic limbs.

"There were so many victims that lost limbs, especially legs," said Garmon. "It was 175 years ago Davy Crockett led a group of volunteers out to Texas with the battle cry remember the Alamo and we believe the volunteers still have that kind of spirit."

It's that spirit that keeps them pushing towards their goal.

"It wouldn't be just about raising money and giving. It would be a sacrifice. Some of them lost their lives and some lost their limbs, so running 1080 miles is nothing," said Garmon.

So their group will run and chant just like Davy Crockett did, but instead of saying remember the Alamo, they'll be saying, remember Boston.

They aren't limiting their group to just the 26 runners, more volunteers are needed to make the whole eight day event run smoothly.

If you'd like to volunteer, donate to the cause or you simply just want more information, click here.