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GA bans abortions under state employee insurance

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State employees will see less coverage on their health care plans in 2014 when it comes to abortions.

The bill will now be left up to the participant to pay rather than the tax payer. Georgia is joining seven other states in banning the coverage of abortions.

It's the state health care plan that currently 672,000 members and dependants are enrolled in and now they're changing their policy... To no longer cover abortions...

Tammy Miles says she is happy for the change saying her tax dollars shouldn't go towards a procedure that she doesn't agree with.

"We've put elected officials in office and our tax dollars are taken out and they're used, and we don't have a say over what it goes for."

"No one should be using their taxpayer dollars towards abortions," says Karen Miracle.

Miracle is a counselor.. For women who may be considering the option to abort she says it should only be the responsibility of the person getting it not others, and she speaks from experience.

"When I was 18 years old in high school I got pregnant.. I was living in a state where my parents never had to know. My father's health care paid for my abortion."

Under the new policy all abortion coverage would be banned in the state employee health plan except if the life of the mother is in danger.

Lonnie Eoff says the policy shouldn't be so strict and there should be more exceptions.

"If a woman gets raped and she didn't like the whole experience, I'm all for it."

According to the Department of Community Health, 366 people under the state plan in 2011 sought abortions, costing the tax payers $213,000. That's a decline from 447 abortions in 2010 and 545 in 2009.

The state is hoping that by not covering abortions in their state health plan it will reduce the numbers even more. Miracle doesn't think it will be that easy...

"People will find the money unfortunately. Five, $600, they'll find it if they think it's their only option."

"I think ultimately you need to change their hearts about what they're really doing," says Miracle.

Currently two states prohibit any abortion coverage in the state plans while nine limit coverage to life endangerment, threat to women's health, rape, incest, and fetal abnormality.

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