From Chattanooga to the world record books. Ben Friberg did again, he set his second paddle boarding world record in as many years. Friberg is back from a grueling open water journey. More than 100 miles non-stop from Cuba to Key West.

"When something like this presents itself, I think oh yeah, cool, that sounds fun. I'll give it a shot," said Friberg.

Chattanooga native and professional paddle boarder Ben Friberg did more than give it a shot, he was the first to ever leave Cuban soil and paddle board non-stop to the Key West Coast in Florida.

Was there a time on the journey where he thought he bit off more than he could chew?

Friberg said, "There was never a time on the paddle where I thought I'm not going make it or things were getting really bad, there were a couple moments of concern."

Like the time he fell off battling waves. 28 straight hours with no regrets and this wasn't an I'll wake up and set a world record. Almost a year of planning led up to it.

"I'm not a fan of taking leaps of faith. I'm a calculated risk guy. It's not a big of risk as it would seem. If you just took off and started paddling, yeah that's dangerous," said Friberg.

His recent feat through the Gulf of Mexico marks Ben's second world record. In 2012 Ben set the longest distance paddled in 24 hours, he went 238 miles on the Yukon River.

He's come a long way from mowing lawns to buy his first kayak. What's next?

Wherever the current leads him, "I just love experiencing water different ways, let's bring on the next one."

A local production company documented Ben's journey from Cuba to Key West, they plan to release a short film called Ninety North this fall, for more info click here