(WRCB) - The Tennessee Housing Development Agency says a grant from the agency's Housing Trust Fund will be used to complete infrastructure left abandoned by the developer.

For almost three years, resident of the subdivision's third phase have gone without paved roads or driveways. Mailboxes and gutters were never installed when the developer, Russell Meade, disappeared.

Channel 3 reported last year on the development, as homeowners grew more frustrated and sought for a way to get their neighborhood finished.

The grant, of $150,000, will help "stabilize properties" in the New Hope Subdivision and can be used repair gutters, complete the installation of sidewalks and install erosion control according to a news release issued by the THDA today.

Some homeowners used THDA's mortgage program to purchase their home. This gives the THDA justification for offering assistance to maintain the agency's investment in the neighborhood.  

The THDA says that additional funding for the neighborhood may be considered.

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