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What does your school smell like? SEC colognes for fans

University of Tennessee Men's Cologne University of Tennessee Men's Cologne

How would you like to smell like the University of Florida?

While SEC fans certainly have their loyalties, Masik Collegiate Fragrances has released a line of fragrances tied to each of the schools on the famed Southeastern Conference.

For the University of Tennessee, the men's fragrance, which is currently out of stock, costs $60 for a 3.4 ounce bottle.

The product description of UT Men's Cologne says "Characterizing the courage and tenacity of the Volunteers, University of Tennessee for Men opens with an enticing blend of crisp ozone, sliced ginger and vibrant cassis. Energetic and fierce, cool basil, french lavender, and water hyacinth comprise the heart while fresh juniper, blue cypress and electric musk provide a bold and vigorous burst, livening the sprit and transcending the senses."

That may be a bit much for a true orange Vol to swallow.

The product description for Georgia fans is a bit less flowery, if you'll pardon the pun.

The University of Georgia Women's Perfume in a 3.4oz bottle at $60 is described as:

"The University of Georgia spirit is in the air and inspires our sparking light floral scent featuring top notes of mandarin, crisp green apple and lychee. Floral notes of water lilies, baby violet, lush jasmine and poppy define the heart while crisp moss, soft mush and golden amber provide a lasting dry down. A chic and feminine scent for the Georgia woman."

But there are fragrances for both sexes available, so when both of you go to the games this fall, you can compliment and support your teams.

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