UPDATE: Moving day took a tragic turn for one Soddy Daisy family, when their new home went up in flames.

Wednesday, fire investigators are looking for clues into what sparked the fire, that started just hours after the lights were turned on.

Two hunting trophies and his daughter's stuffed animals are all that survived the fire that ripped through Steve Hendrickson's home.

"He had about 40 percent of his belongings when he moved into the house. So they were in the process of moving in," Amy Maxwell, Hamilton County EMS.

Neighbors called 911 to report the house at 9334 Smith Cemetery Road was on fire.

"The fire was coming through the back part of the roof," said Maxwell.

Firefighters were able to put out the flames, but not before it caused $50,000 in damage.

Just hours earlier the Electric Power Board had turned on power to the home.

"It's just kind of ironic that the electricity just came on and then within a matter of an hour or so we have neighbors calling and saying the house was on fire," said Maxwell.

But it will take investigators time to determine if that played a role in the fire.

For now, Amy Maxwell with Hamilton County EMS says the family has somewhere to stay,despite losing the majority of their belongings.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office is investigating what caused the fire.