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Regulations set for troubled Cleveland venue

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For those who live directly next to the Luv 2 Dance Studio, the last month was filled with fear and frustration.

Especially after multiple bullets hit a nearby home in the most recent shooting where police believe Chattanooga native, Cordarrius Dewon Cochran opened fire. He's still on the run.

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"Just blew my mind that night when I heard those gun shots," neighbor, Roger Webb says.   

"The police officers are fed up with it, we're not going to allow this to continue," Cleveland Police Officer Evie West told Channel 3 last week.

Officers worked with the District Attorney's Office and quickly took action to stop the violence at weekend parties.

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"Most of the issues involving gun fire involved people from Chattanooga. The promoters were from Chattanooga," Assistant District Attorney Stephen Hatchett says. "A lot of things on Facebook had gang imagery, gang signs, gang colors."

Hatchett spoke with the business owner last week.

"He basically made the argument that most days of the week its a legitimate business. He acknowledged making bad decisions to who he rented to," Hatchett explains.

The business and property owners as well as Hatchett came to an agreement Monday.

To name a few of the new regulations; Luv 2 dance studio must close at 11:30 each night unless approved by officials, no more than 150 people can be in the venue at one time, law enforcement must be present during rented events and a third party renter must remain on site.

"Just keep the violence down and everything will be alright," says Webb.

The District Attorney's Office says if the new agreement is violated it will ask to have the venue permanently shut down.


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