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Green light to purchase Harriet Tubman site

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Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke will move forward with negotiations to buy the old Harriet Tubman homes.    

The Chattanooga City Council voted Tuesday night 8 to 1 to allow Mayor Berke to move forward with negotiations with the Chattanooga Housing Authority.

Berke's staff changed the language of the resolution at the last minute, adding language to allow officials to immediately open negotiations instead of just writing a letter of intent.

The measure comes weeks before city council members will vote on Berke's proposed budget, which contains $1,000,000 to purchase the dilapidated property for economic development.

"It's only affording the mayor an opportunity to negotiate. Council hasn't made a decision. They haven't brought anything back to us to really review at this time," said Yusuf Hakeem, City Council Chairman.

According to the Chattanooga Housing Authority,there have been five other letters of intent submitted to purchase the property.

CHA says it will consider Berke's proposal just like the rest.

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