The Achieve Learning Center for Preschool Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children is closing. Tuesday, many impacted by the school came together to say goodbye.

Parents, former students, and staff members from the Achieve Learning Center came together to celebrate and say goodbye to a school that has impacted so many.    

For almost three decades the Achieve Learning Center has worked with thousands of students, but it will close its door later this month.

The center is an extension of the Chattanooga Speech and Hearing center. Throughout the years teachers worked with pre-school students  teaching sign language and helping them get ready for school.

Parents are thankful for everything the center has done to help their children with speech and hearing loss.

"The total communication process between signing and speaking has really brought out his voice and they helped us to find loner hearing aids to make sure we found what we needed."

"I just want to thank all the parents children and the students and other people in the community that's helped all these years! the kids wouldn't be where they are without the community," says Mary Dunnigan.

Dunnigan along with other teachers have been there 28 years and she was excited to see all of her students.

The center officially closes its doors on August 31st.