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VW introduces new clean diesel engine


Volkswagen confirmed the company's new more fuel efficient TDI Clean Diesel engine, designated EA288.

The engine will power the 2015 Golf, Beetle, Passat, and Jetta.

In a release, VW says the announcement underscores Volkswagen Group of America's continued success with diesel technology. They've sold 47,000 clean diesel vehicles year-to-date.

"The Volkswagen Group is a leader in clean diesel technology," said Oliver Schmidt, General Manager, Energy and Environmental Office. "With the introduction of the new EA288 engine, we are excited that our family of TDI Clean Diesel vehicles is continuing to improve and will be even more clean, fuel efficient and powerful. "

The new engine will replace all the  2.0-liter TDI Clean Diesel engines fitted in Audi and Volkswagen TDI Clean Diesel models. it is a turbocharged, common-rail, direct-injection four-cylinder engine that makes 150 horsepower.

To help reduce emission, the company has made a number of changes including: use of a complex exhaust gas recirculation system; integration of the water-cooled intercooler and the EGR valve with the intake manifold, which also improves throttle response; and packaging the exhaust after-treatment components close to the engine by combining the DPF with the SCR Catalyst.

VW has also made modifications to help reduce friction.

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