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Mocs in full pads but saving some for UT Martin

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- The Mocs are back in full pads. But like any preseason camp the goal isn't to knock your teammates head off. Despite the urge to lay into someone the Mocs are using head coach Russ Huesman's "thud" technique. It's simple, you can hit the ball carrier but you can't bring him to the ground.

The first thud, pads on pads, the second thud should be a body on the turf, but not yet. Preseason camp is about staying healthy. UTC head coach Russ Huesman says the thud technique has more than one advantage.

Huesman said, "with thud it teaches our guys to bend their knees, square people up, stay on their feet, take the extra step to square up instead of just diving in to people."

Linebacker Gunner Miller said, "you realize it's your teammate out there, you don't wanna hurt anybody or yourself. You have that in your mind but we wanna do that in the first game with UT Martin. We're just trying to do the fundamentals, stay on our feet and get better."

The Mocs will have two scrimmages before opening with UT Martin on August 29th. That's their only chance to shake off the thud and finish the tackle.

For the most part the Mocs agree the first six practices have been a success but there's a little discrepancy between tight end Faysal Shafaat and coach Huesman.

Shafaat said, "this is my fourth fall camp and by far the smoothest it's ever gone."

"It wasn't smooth yesterday," said Huesman, "I don't know what faysal was watching yesterday, he probably didn't listen to me after practice. There's a lot of people that know what they're doing, they've been through it. Effort, enthusiasm and intensity. We didn't have that yesterday, we got it back a little today. I felt better about today's practice."

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