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Whitfield Co. looking for Adopt-a-Mile volunteers

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Whitfield County's Adopt-a-Mile program is looking for more volunteers.

Adopt-a-Mile is a program that allows persons or groups to adopt a mile stretch of highway. The volunteers keep the mile clean of litter and debris and in exchange, the volunteer or group's name is posted on the highway.

"Depending on the road you choose and how many people you have working with you, it doesn't usually take too long to clean up a mile," says Liz Swafford, executive director of Keep Dalton-Whitfield Beautiful.

Whitfield County has 800 miles of roads and is looking for more volunteers for the program.

"The majority of the groups are able to clean up their mile of roadway in an hour," she said. "It's not a huge commitment – it's really not. And once you get through the first cleanup, it's just easier to keep doing it because you know what to expect, you know the road, and it's already been cleaned up before, so the next time you go out there you may see fewer bags of trash."

The volunteers chose the date and time to clean the road. Keep Dalton-Whitfield Beautiful provides  free supplies like large garbage bags, along with road signs that warn traffic of the cleanup in progress. Organizations are asked to send in a report after each cleanup successfully completed; the reports help show which participating groups are active, and the overall impact of everyone's cleanup efforts.

Once a group has completed two cleanups within six months, it qualifies for permanent signs with the adopting organization's name at both the beginning and the end of the mile, letting others in the community know that it is responsible for cleaning up that area.

Swafford says about 15 to 20 miles of roadsides are cleaned up in Whitfield County each  year, thanks to the Adopt-a-Mile program, but says there's always room to grow.

"This year, we'd like to encourage the community to participate and adopt a road," she says. "And if you have adopted a road in the past, we'd like to see you get involved again."

You can go to the KDWH website to find out how to get involved.

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