It's back to school time in Tennessee. Hamilton County students spent the day registering for classes, meeting their teachers and touring new schools. Channel 3 spent the morning at registration day at the brand new Red Bank Middle School.

"Usually the 6th grade is the only new class that you have to orientate to the building. But this year all three classes are new," said Principal John Pierce.

Principal John Pierce has his hands full. He's orientating around 600 middle schoolers and their parents in a building completely new to him.

"And because we haven't been in this new building for about a week or so, it's new to all of us. We're all looking for the right classrooms to go," Pierce said.

As 7th and 8th graders spent the morning registering for school, seeing old friends and making new ones, teachers showed off the new 160,000 square foot school.

"It's new. Compared to what they just left though. I think it's awesome. It looks great," said Regina Stewart.

Regina Stewart's 8th grade daughter will be one of the first graduates in the new building.

Principal Pierce remembers the old building. He graduated from Red Bank some 30 years ago.

"We had chalkboard then. We were throwing chalk erasers at each other," he said.

Now Principal Pierce is proud of some new features: a larger gym, a brightly-lit library and state-of-the-art classrooms.

"You got promethium boards, you got flat screen TVs. It really brings the educational experience to life," he said. "This is just a great facility for the community of Red Bank and the surrounding areas," Pierce said.

All Hamilton County schools start Thursday, August 8.