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Hamilton Co. teachers report to school

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School is back in session for some students in our area, but Friday was the first work day for Hamilton County teachers.

In less than one week school will be back in session for Hamilton County students. Friday morning teachers at Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences had the chance to regroup before their students return next week.

Lockers are empty, the halls are bare, and there isn't one student in the classroom at Chattanooga School for the Arts and Science.  But for teachers summer is over and school is back in session.

"Yesterday I was at the pool in denial thinking do I really have to go back, but being off for the summer helps us with our own kids and helps us get refocused," said teacher Chris Hendrix.

Friday morning teachers and administrative staff at Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences gathered in the school cafeteria to discuss plans for the 2013 school year.

They were addressed by their new principal, met new staff, and participated in team-building activities. Principal Boles says the summer break prepares teachers to get ready for what's to come

"Been away for the summer had their mind off things. They're coming back to stressful situations. Common core, test core and all these types of things," said Jim Boles, Principal.

"You know the kids say they can't wait to see there friends. I think the teachers are the same way. I work with a great group of people so seeing everybody and catching up is wonderful. To hear what everybody did over the summer," said April Wyatt, Teacher.

April Wyatt has been teaching for fourteen years and she believes getting to know her colleagues before students start is important.

"In order to provide the best education for kids. We have to know what's going on in each others classrooms and we have to make sure we are striving towards the same goal that's really important," said Wyatt.

"They should expect a fired up staff that's energized this year," said Wyatt.

And Principal Boles believes teachers across Hamilton County should have one goal.

"Realize why we are actually here. Everyone became a teacher for a reason and I want them to remember that feeling," said Boles.

Hamilton County students start school on Thursday, August 8.

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