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Local shoppers and stores take advantage of sales tax holiday


It's time for Tennesseans to take a break from paying taxes.

Kind of.

The annual sales tax holiday began Friday morning, meaning you don't pay any tax on most items on those back-to-school lists. The three-day holiday benefits not only consumers but also area retailers.

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"Binders, high lighters, index cards, erasers, pencils, marbled colored composition books," read Cindy Underwood.

Cindy Underwood reads a long, specific shopping list. She's back-to-school shopping for her kindergartner and fifth grader. And she's looking for tax-free deals.

"And with taxes in Tennessee being almost 10 percent, the tax free really makes a huge difference," Underwood said.

A big difference not just for parents like Underwood but for stores like Target.

"We've gotten prepared all week long so we know it's going to be a great weekend," said Lacey Richmer.

Executive Team Leader and Human Resource Manager Lacey Richmer is ready for the rush at the Target on Gunbarrel Road.

She cites this early August weekend as one of their busiest, second only to November's Black Friday.

"Everybody comes out to get their school supplies as well as anything else they need for school. Backpacks, clothing, laptops, college stuff, you name it," she said.

Richmer's hired 20-25 new people just in time for the tax-free holiday and expects to open every register at some point Saturday.

Meanwhile, Underwood cruises the isles, kids in tow and list in hand.

"Kleenex, sticky notes, post it notes, flash drives, gluesticks, crayons twistables, crayons watercolors," she read from the list.

She's stocking her kids cubbies while saving money.

"I'm ready for school to start too," Underwood said with a laugh.

The sales tax holiday lasts until Sunday night. North Carolina and Alabama retailers are also celebrating tax-free holidays this weekend.

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