(NBC News) One of the most buzzed about movies of the summer hasn't even been in movie theaters, but tonight, the cable TV movie "Sharknado" makes a social media-fueled leap to the big screen for one night.

A storm no one saw coming, killer sharks sucked into a tornado and dumped on Los Angeles.

It's a cheesy cable movie catastrophe turned social media sensation.

"Sharknado" reeled in a modest audience of 1.4 million for its July premiere.

But it spawned a twitter feeding frenzy of 5,000 tweets a minute.

The momentum continued days later at comic con.

And the film's bitten off bigger chunks of the audience with each re-run, topping out at more than 2 million.

Perhaps sensing box office blood in the water, like "Jaws" almost 40 years ago,"Sharknado" invades about 200 Regal Cinema theaters around the country tonight for one time midnight showings.

With real life shark sensitivity already heightened in the summer, moviegoers' love - hate relationship with the creatures, a "Sharknado" sequel is already in the works.