"Please Slow Drively."

It's a sign posted outside of a preschool, on private property in Auburn, California.

"My first impression was that she got ripped off, she bought a sign and they miss printed it and then they just pawned it off on her anyway."

But in a statement--the property owner said, not so fast. The sign is misspelled intentionally.

She said quote "The whimsical sign, which reads "PLEASE SLOW DRIVELY" was a gift to the school to be used as a part of its campaign to get drivers to slow down when they pass by the school."

We showed a picture of the sign to people in the area.

"I don't think it'll get people to slow down. I don't think it's gonna work."

"People will slow down to read it and try to figure out what it says."

Not everyone who drove by the sign noted the misspelled word.

"Please drive slowly is the only sign I see."

"Read it again."


The property owner said since posting the sign she's noticed that drivers have begun to DRIVE SLOWLY--or should we say SLOW DRIVELY.

But this mandolin player says if a misspelled sign is what it takes to get people to slow down the world must be moving too fast.

"If there's a school we should keep our morals on the line, and slow down for the youth that might be wasted yet."

A song about a sign that certainly got our attention.