Edward Ellis finds himself back at Department of Labor looking for more work.

"I don't think we are back where we need to be as far as jobs go but I am hoping things to get better."

His goal is to avoid being part of the more than 3,000 people in the city without a job.

Wednesday Shaw Industries held a job fair in Dalton, which will boost dismal unemployment numbers.

"I really haven't noticed things really picking up but I hope this year gets better. There are just so many people unemployed," says Ellis.

The city's jobless rate has more than doubled in the last decade, and since President Obama took office the double-digits have stuck around.

State labor workers say they are seeing more employers look for workers despite what the numbers show.

Chris Upchurch with the Department of Labor says, "We are here to help, bottom line. We did see a period when the numbers were way up, but we are here as a resource."

These numbers come on the heels of Tuesday's Presidential visit to Chattanooga.

The White House called President Obama's remarks a "bargain for the middle class" speech.

With a campaign ring to it, the plan offers cuts in Washington to help put people like Ellis back to work.

For more information on Shaw Industries jobs visit their website.