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Amazon employee shares Obama experience

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Hundreds of supporters and protestors lined the streets to greet President Obama Tuesday as he made his way to the Amazon fulfillment center in Chattanooga.

Employees of the online retailer said hearing him speak so close to home was an opportunity of a lifetime. But one employee got a little more out of the visit than he expected.

Ryan Fuller has been an Amazon employee for almost a year now, and he almost didn't believe it when he first learned of Obama's visit.

"At first I had to figure out if it was a real thing or not. I had to read the article, get several sources to confirm," Fuller said.

Thousands packed the Amazon fulfillment center, and Fuller's quick thinking got him somewhere he never thought he'd be.

"You hear this lady talking, and you just get this sense that something unique is about to happen. Just right then she said 'alright I need two rows up here in front', and that's when I got to break in front of the guardrail and stand right center in front of the President for his speech," Fuller said.

Obama talked about his plans to jump start the middle class by cutting corporate taxes to help create high wage jobs. He touted the Amazon fulfillment center as perfect example. Many spectators saw it as a sense of hometown pride.

"We're constantly growing. Everyone is looking at Chattanooga right now," said Avery Sanderfer, who attended the speech.

"I'm just very blessed to be here, and to see him is just more exciting than I can say," said Sarah Foster, an Amazon employee.

"For him to come specifically to your hometown to the place that you work and commend you on the job that you're doing, it was real special," Fuller said.

It was even more special for him when the President started to come his way.

"I wanted to take one last picture before he made it to me. I got to shake his hand, I told him it was a great honor for him to come to our hometown and to actually meet the first president I got to vote for. He said that means a lot to him. He smiled, and I thought it was great," he said.

Channel 3 asked what it's like to shake the President's hand. Fuller said it was a firm handshake with eye contact. Exactly what you might expect from the President of the United States.

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